1. Marlins sign Jose Reyes, ask Hanley Ramirez to change position to 3B.

2. Hanley Ramirez says he doesn’t want to change positions. Doesn’t ask to be traded, but doesn’t NOT ask to be traded.

3. Yankees trade Manny Banuelos, Austin Romine (or Gary Sanchez) and two high-level prospects for…


This interview is long and awesome, so I’ll keep the intro short. Kate lives in Atlanta with her photographer husband and their Great Dane, Leon. She works as the content curator at MailChimp.

All photos of the MailChimp office are courtesy of Kate. She’s in the final pic. I…


To many scientists, Dennis Overbye needs no introduction. As science writer for the New York Times, he’s been a main bolt at the junction where science meets society. His well-read and well-written articles on physics and astronomy have helped launch many of our favorite projects and some…


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For many years, I started my daily commute in Brooklyn, at the Bergen Street stop on the F Train. Which means that for 40 minutes, until I emerged at 42nd Street in Manhattan, I was WW —…


About one of the most resolutely sexual albums of the last few years. A shame that Grantland’s huge audience is exposed to this level of crude misrepresentation masquerading as coy/self-effacing insight.